January 2, 2007

Technically Challenged

Well apparently Google bought Blogger which changed my settings and kept me from getting to my dashboard so I couldn't make a new post yesterday. I wouldn't even have this blog site if Blogger didn't make it easy for folks like myself.

I need a book "Computers for dummies" I'm sure there's one out there.

My USB flashdrive started acting up on me before Christmas and sometimes it would open up and sometimes it just didn't feel like working. (I can relate). My husband bought me a new one. So you know right away I'm in trouble. Right? It has a little button that slides the connector thingy in and out instead of a cover like my old one. Okay so far; one less thing for me to lose. It lights up when engaged. That wasn't too complicated. The confusing part was that it didn't show up on my desktop as an USB. It called itself a disc. Sheesh, whose the dummy now. I'm looking and hunting. I do the little Explore short cut my honey showed me and I can't find the cotton picken thing anywhere. So I had to have my husband find it for me. I also learned that I'm supposed to release it from my computer before pulling it out of the port. It gets confused if you just pull it out before dismissing it. Well I can certainly relate to getting confused and far be it from me to cause the little gadget any grief. Luckily it's as easy as clicking on a little icon so I think I can handle that.

Whew, things were so less complicated when we used typewriters. Well, until it came to replacing the typewriter ribbon. ;0)

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