August 24, 2009

Gary England Groupie

Unless you are from these parts you won’t know who Gary England is but if you are a resident Okie you either love him or hate him. It’s that simple.

Gary England is our local weather man/meteorologist. Yes he’s the only one. There are no others. If you turn the channel to four or five I get flustered because I only believe Gary England’s forecast. Those other guys don’t know what they are talking about. If he takes a day off I’ll pay attention to Jed Castles because Gary trained him and he’s almost as good.

He came to my class when I was in the fifth grade, showed us maps and told us how the wind and barometric pressure affects our erratic climate here in Okie land and I was impressed.

Those other guys don’t know what they are talking about. One is from Nebraska and talks funny and the other one has a bad temper. When the weather is bad I need a calm voice not some crazy man.

I recall the great tornado of 1999 power went out across the state and television stations were even down. Rick Mitchell, an alleged weatherman, thought his station was down but not quite so. We had no visual but we had audio. Oops. The man was cussing, yelling and ordering people around like a crazy person.

On channel nine, ol’ Gary is cutting up, laughing and having a good old time. The man clearly gets off on bad weather. lol “Look at the size of that rascal?”

If a storm kicks up in the afternoon he talks directly to the kids telling them to remain calm and what to do. My kids even listen to Gary. They won’t listen to me.

“You heard Mr. England, get in the bathroom.”

People who have worked with him have nothing but good to say about him. He’s getting close to 70 and sometimes loses his train of thought but nobody cares or says a word. He is the king of that station and he’ll probably drop dead telling us to stay calm it’ll all blow over.

My husband is jealous of him and thinks I have a “thing” for Gary England. This is not true. I have never found the man at all attractive but his voice is just like my grandpa’s and I like the way he talks. He speaks my language.

Mark will say, “Your man is on the T.V. you better come watch.”

This video is typical Gary England. He makes people laugh all the time.

His famous saying is, “Jump back throw me down”.


He does this arm jerk motion and says, “Friday night in the big town.” Of course he says this every Friday night. It’s so funny because people write in if he forgets to do it so he has people behind the camera do the arm motion to remind him so his fans won’t be disappointed.