March 13, 2012

Charlie Chaplin, Cell Phone Gold And A Frog

I’m doing research for an article and it’s amazing the weird crap I find sometimes when trying to write a serious story. By the way it's been hard to find a video to go with this particular article I'm working on. Usually, I have no problem at all and can find several videos but today I struggled to find one so this article may be without a video. But in the process I found many weird ones and decided to post them here for you to see. 

There is a video on YouTube and here since I’m going to share it with you showing a woman in a Charlie Chaplin movie looking like she is talking on a cell phone. There are people trying really hard to prove we have the ability to time travel and this video is one of them.

They slow it down and zoom in so you can see this woman who, I admit, does look like she's talking on a cell phone but common sense tells me otherwise. Maybe she's talking to herself and maybe she is holding her hat on or a hearing device on her ear. 

First of all, you have to have satellites and cell phone towers to talk on a cell phone and even if someone in the future figures out how to make phones that don’t need these why would she even have to hold it to her ear? It would be more like Star Trek’s watch phones or an earbud that just sits there hands free.

And we wouldn’t have some old lady traveling through time; they would send a young person. Why send Granny when you can send an able bodied youngster that doesn't have rheumatism because the lady in this film looks to be in her 80's. The trip alone could kill her. 

There are people arguing for hours about this video and possibility of a person traveling through time just to be in a Charlie Chaplin movie while chatting on a cell phone.

Then we have videos showing us how to take apart our old cell phones to get the gold out to turn in for money. Well, now we know why those darn cell phones cost so much, they're made of gold. Those Apple iPhones must have a lot of gold in them.

Most of y’all have probably seen the video game playing frog catching flies or whatever characters are on a cell phone game. It’s had a lot of views. People love to watch critters do funny or cute things.

Not to be outdone some guy posted his bearded dragon playing a video game. 

There are more animals doing funny things with cell phones if have a few minutes to spare and want to go over there and look.