October 2, 2009

Journey Then and Now

My husband has this thing about going to concerts that only have all the original members. As you can imagine, that is getting more and more difficult as time goes by especially when a man is stuck in the 70’s and doesn’t expand his taste in music. No offense to others that love the oldies. I love them too but am a bit more flexible about new groups and the reorganization of old ones.

It took some coaxing and showing him YouTube videos to convince him that Arnel Pineda is every bit as good as Steve Perry. Mark never was a big Journey fan anyway but decided to go with me. Still he insists on calling them “Fake Journey” since they don’t have all the original members.

I miss Steve Perry and his gorgeous voice but Arnel Pineda is excellent and brings a wonderful gift to Journey. He has a lot of energy and talent that cannot be denied. I actually like Arnel's voice better and think he's cuter. ;o)

Here’s a video comparing the two singing one of my favorite songs, “Open Arms.”

Have you ever tried to sing one of their hits and do it well? It’s not easy to hit those high notes. I’m a girl and have a hard time.

Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain both of which are no longer with the band wrote most of their music so it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.

And in case you haven’t heard Pineda’s story here’s the video that brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. ~sniff~

The concert was awesome. There were people from teenagers to senior citizens and the place was packed.

This is one of my favorites and if you're like me and wore grooves in your album you're expecting to hear "City of the Angels" right after this ends.