September 4, 2009

Just Some Random Stuff

Ya’ll remember I told you my stomach meows? Well here’s a strange tidbit. Sometimes when my husband passes gas it sounds like he’s saying “Hon” and I answer him. He thinks this is really funny. I’m not quite so amused but men have a different sense of humor than women do.

Here’s a story of possibly the world’s oldest dog. Unfortunately, it’s unconfirmed so it won’t be going into the record books but I thought it was a pretty good story anyway.

This website is great. I know some people gripe about shopping at Wal-Mart but here is one of many reasons I love going there. If nothing else, sit somewhere and watch the people. You can get a cheap drink and popcorn at the snack bar and enjoy. It’s the best free entertainment you’ll ever have. I kid you not. Better than the sideshow at the county fair. Notice two of these pictures came from Oklahoma. lol

This website has stupid videos. Kind of self explanatory really.

We can all use a laugh so here’s a website with a catalog of comics to read.

We’ve been hearing a lot about sunspots or the lack there of here in Oklahoma. Apparently it’s why we’ve been having this strange cool weather and if the sun doesn’t find its spots soon we might have a mini ice age which wouldn’t be cool, well technically it would be “really” cool but you know what I mean.

Here’s a website telling about this conundrum.