February 8, 2010

Snow, Snow Go Away

I’m so tired of snow. This is the most snow I’ve ever seen in my life. If I wanted this much of the white stuff I’d have moved to Colorado.

We had a blizzard Christmas Eve and another big snowstorm in January and it’s doing it again this morning.

I drove to Dallas yesterday to see my new great nephew that was just born and one of the relatives said the Farmer’s Almanac predicted the last two big storms and says that somewhere between February 21-23 Oklahoma will have the biggest snowfall we have ever seen in history.

I sure hope they are wrong. There are towns that still don’t have electricity from the last storm; we can’t afford another one. The schools have already used up all of their snow days and are going to have extended hours to make it up. They talked about taking away Spring Break but some people already have travel plans. My daughter has a Branson church trip. Kids always get excited when the news reports that schools are closed but don’t realize they have to make those days up. They aren’t really gaining anything.

A couple of years a go when we had that big ice storm and power was out all over the state the kids had to go past the last day of school. This messed up a lot of people’s travel plans. Some just pulled their kids out anyway because they had plane tickets bought and couldn’t change their plans.

Even the White House had a huge snowstorm causing them to close down early one day. People were out on the front lawn throwing snowballs at each other. The President called it Snowmageddon. You have to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. It doesn’t do any good to get mad about it.

Oklahoma’s barometric pressure, humidity and temperatures are almost never right for making snow. We go some winters without any at all. We’ll have some freezing rain or sleet but hardly ever snow. This has been a very weird winter for sure.