April 22, 2011

Foggy Brain And Fun Links To Play With.

My Fibromyalgia has been acting up lately so that means I have to make some more changes. I wrote an article on it a while back if you want more information.


I have to change my diet and exercise routine every few years to keep the dragon confused so I've decided to start yoga. It's at a hospital gym so if I find myself in a pretzel shape and can't get out medical staff are nearby. Just kidding. I don't foresee any problems.

The trouble with Fibromyalgia is when it acts up we get brain fog and it's difficult to write. I found a few fun links y'all might enjoy reading until the clouds in my mind dissipate.

Here’s a sweet story about a blind man whose seeing eye dog went blind and instead of putting him aside he got them both another seeing eye dog to help them get around.


And here’s a good story about going green. Some like to blame the current pollution situation on older people but read this and you’ll see people were “Green” before it was a trend.


Here are some cool hotel rooms that are out of the ordinary.


I like the cave and tree house hotels the best. Cool ideas for accommodations.