June 20, 2007


I have discovered a new website called viewdo.com.

It is similiar to YouTube in that it shows short videos. The difference is that viewdo.com shows how-to videos.

You can learn how to tie a windsor knot, fold a napkin, wrap a gift, play a piece on the piano, check your tire pressure or juggle three balls.

Now we can learn how to do all those things we've only dreamed of.

I wonder if there's a video on how to pop gum. When I was a teenager I always wished I could do that. My mother and one of my sisters could do it, but alas I never learned how.

What about whistling with two fingers in your mouth? Not very lady like but I was always impressed by people who had this ability. A real attention grabber.

I'm getting a new video camera for my birthday. I might just have to make a how-to video of my own. I have a few talents up my sleeve I could share. :o)