September 14, 2009

Hide the Scissors

The other day after walking on the treadmill I had the hot water going in the shower to get warm and I was trying to get my ponytail holder out. It was stuck. No matter how much I pulled it would not come out.

Not wanting to waste the water I hurriedly grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it out. I’m thinking an inch, inch and a half was probably stuck. Uh-huh, more like three inches and it gets better. It wasn’t all of my hair but only about half so I’ve got half my hair three inches shorter than the rest.

It’s not too bad when your hair is past your shoulders and I’ve got plenty to spare. Still, I shouldn’t have been in such a big hurry to get my ponytail holder out and gradually worked it out instead of cutting a hunk of hair.

With age is supposed to come wisdom so when does this wise woman show up? So far I’ve been just as scatter brained if not more so than in my youth.

This reminds me of when I was in junior high and I didn’t want to pluck my eyebrows so I go the bright idea of cutting them with scissors the day of pictures. Lol I only did one before realizing what a stupid idea it was but maybe if I’d done them both at least they would have matched. The only thing I could do was strategically place a curl over my eye to hide the butchered brow.

So that year my picture looks like I’m trying to be sexy only I’m not pulling it off very well. My mother was pissed and kept asking me what was I thinking? Well, I don’t think there was much brain play in the works that particular day. Maybe I should have been born a blond.

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Speaking of crazy women cutting their hair…

Britney Spears- My Prerogative: