April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

This will be an Easter we will remember for several years to come.

I normally cook a big home cooked meal and invite the kids over, but with the kitchen under construction that just wasn't possible this year.

Friday the counter tops were supposed to be installed but Thursday evening they called and postponed it until Monday which meant no home cooked Easter dinner.

We went to Texas Roadhouse and ate baby back ribs so everything turned out alright in the end.

I'm one of those weird people you hear about who enjoys cooking and baking. I can literally make something from practically nothing. Most of what I fix is from scratch and I buy very little convenience foods. Because of this our grocery bill is much lower than the average consumer.

Another thing I do is keep the menu and guest list from all family get togethers and holidays that have been held here at our house. I can tell you what we ate and who attended every holiday since the 80's. I'm not sure why I keep them, I just do.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and the bunny brought you some lovely treats. :o)