September 21, 2009

First Sons

What is it with men and first sons? They go plumb gaga. They have high expectations and hopes for this child, goals they maybe didn’t achieve but when a boy is born they see their dreams renewed. First sons have a much higher expectation than the younger one.

I happen to have two sons and know many other people that also have a set of boys and have made an observation and want to see if you have noticed it too.

First sons always look like their mom. Men can’t wait to have a mini me and look forward to that first boy child but nine times out of ten they come out a carbon copy of mom or mom's side of the family.

If baby boy number one is from an interracial couple he will inherit the genes and traits from mom’s side of the family more so than dad’s.

People were always saying how much my oldest son looks like his daddy but if you break down his features, they are mine so I’m not quite sure where they get that idea. He has my eyes down to the black freckle on the right iris, my nose, chin, cheekbones and ears. He has his dad’s (or is it my dad’s?) hair color.

So tell me, have you noticed this too? Look at people that have two sons (same mother and father) and tell me what you think.