April 12, 2011

Rescue Horses Needing Homes

I live in a small town that has farms and ranches all around. I took my dog, Basil to the local vet's office and was talking to some people that said there has been a rash of people dropping off horses they can no longer afford to feed.

They call the police and fill out a report but that’s about all they can do. The reason you need to let the police know is not only in case there is an owner looking for them but also so they will know that the pitiful condition the animals are in isn’t the new owner’s fault.

The woman said she knows a man that took a horse to an auction and after all the fees, he was out $35 to get rid of the horse that didn’t even belong to him. When he got back to his truck he realized someone had stuck two more horses in his trailer. So not only did it cost him to get rid of a stray horse he now has two more to care for.

It’s expensive to feed and take care of horses and they don’t earn their keep like many farm animals do so if people lose their jobs or fall on hard times the horses suffer. They are more of a pet like a cat or dog only much larger and with more expensive needs.

Their hooves continue to grow like a persons fingernails and they have to be filed down on a regular basis or they keep growing and the animal has trouble walking. If you ride them they have to have horse shoes applied or their hooves break and split making their feet sore.

I don't own any horses but we had some when I was a kid. I had my own horse and had to brush and rub her down after a ride.

You need a big piece of land with plenty of grazing room and a barn for the winter.

Veterinarians no longer make house calls around here, you have to have a trailer and take them in for treatment or shots. And of course you have to have a truck to haul that trailer.

Horses are beautiful animals but they aren’t too bright. They will eat themselves to death so you have to make sure you only put out as much food as they can eat and make sure they can’t get in the area where you store the feed or they will bloat up and have to have surgery.

A lot of people think it would be cool to own a horse but don't have any idea the expense and work that goes into taking care of one.

There are horse rescue ranches but they are having money problems of their own and always needing donations to feed the ones they already have.

Here’s a list of horse rescue groups that are always looking for money or volunteers to help with theses animals.


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