February 2, 2009

Fart and Run

As recommended by some of you, I changed Basil’s food. I was unable to find the ones y’all told me about but the nice lady at Petsmart suggested Purina One for sensitive systems. It has salmon instead of lamb. He wasn’t thrilled about the switch, but he finally started eating it.

Here’s what we have discovered. The Petsmart lady told me that meat can give dogs gas. I thought that sounded crazy. I guess wild dogs don’t mind the smell or maybe the aroma is carried away with the wind. I’m pretty sure they don’t have access to fancy pet store food. Anyway, I told my family to not give him any and in the beginning we all kept to that. (After a while we all caved into those sad puppy dog eyes.) I have noticed that he smells worse after he gets meat scraps. His aroma has changed with the new food. It’s still not great, but not as offensive as it was.

When he was really bad I would yell, “Basil get out of here” and he would run to the living room and get in his little bed. After a while he would fart and run to his bed before I said anything. Then a little bit later he would peak around the corner at me to see if it was okay to come back in. lol I guess he figures she’s going to send me in here anyway so I might as well go. Plus, he probably got tired of hearing me yell. Poor doggy.

This is off subject, but I had to tell you anyway. Mark ordered this God awful ugly blue and yellow plaid tie from Land’s End. I told him he used to have good taste. What the hell happened? I would hate to see what kind of woman you would pick now.

He said he has his priorities and she had to at least have teeth. Good thing I still have my teeth.