June 8, 2011

Twitter Whores

Public relations is one thing but people that post every single minute to tell me what their cat wants (how the hell does anyone know what a cat wants?) or what they are going to eat for dinner or that they farted is just childish. They remind me of the little kid that’s constantly saying, “Look at me mommy, look what I can do, did you see that mommy?”

I’ve deleted two this week. They were taking up my entire page and I had to keep scrolling down to see “real” information people wrote. Give me a break people. I see you, yes you are cute but knock it off already. Geesh!

One of my favorite tweeters is Guy Kawasaki. He’s a great writer and finds all kinds of interesting stuff. He tweets a lot but it’s good information and something I want to read. Not dumb junk about cats. Sorry folks but I’m just not a cat person. I love my dog but I’m not going to fill my twitter account up with silly annotations about what my dog wants. He mostly wants food cause he’s a pig, for any of y’all that gives a hoot, but back to Guy’s website, here’s the link:


If you are going to be a twitter whore at least have something interesting to say or great links people want to read. Nobody on God’s green earth gives a flying flip about your gastronomical urges except maybe your mama or your doctor. The rest of the world doesn’t care; trust me.

Spread out your tweets and make sure it’s something worth while to read or people lose interest. In this fast paced world we live in there’s too much to do and most won’t take the time to read unless it’s something they can use or find humor in.