July 5, 2011

Kegel Exercises- How To And Why It's Important

Many women don’t like to hear the word “exercise” thinking it is too much work or trouble but Kegel exercises are not only easy, you can do them anywhere anytime while you are doing other things. It doesn’t require special clothing or devices. No one can even tell you are doing them and the benefits will make you glad you did.

Have you ever laughed, coughed or sneezed and accidently wet yourself? You need Kegel exercises. Do you have trouble having an orgasm? You need Kegel exercises. Are you peri-menopausal or post menopausal and having trouble with vaginal dryness? You need Kegel exercises.

What are Kegel exercises?

You must first find the muscles on the floor of your vagina. After you’ve emptied your bladder practice tightening the muscles that you use to hold your urine. Tighten and relax these muscles, breathing and holding for five-second intervals. Do these as often as you can throughout the day. It helps if you do them at the same time everyday so you get in the habit, such as driving to work or while waiting for the bus.

Benefits of Kegel exercises-

After a while you’ll notice you no longer lose urine when you sneeze. If you feel a sneeze coming, tighten the same muscles you use when exercising and you will have no accidents.

Women who have trouble having an orgasm and think they need a larger penis or dildo will find they are now able to experience pleasure with any size man. Muscles become lax and loose when they aren’t exercised properly.

Exercising the vaginal muscles will also help increase the moisture production. If you find later in life you are more dry and don’t produce your own lubrication, doing your Kegel exercises will help with this and in many cases you will no longer need to purchase KY or other lubricating solutions.

Whether you’ve had children or not your muscles need exercise to keep them toned. After childbirth some complain of being looser or having less muscle tone. Doing Kegel exercises will help tone your vagina and bring you back to pre-birth size and shape.

Ben Wa balls-

Ben Wa balls are an ancient oriental device used to tighten the muscles in the vagina. Originally they were made of ivory or jade. You can still find some jade Ben Wa balls but now they are also made of metal or plastic. Some have smaller balls or other movable pieces inside giving a vibration some women find pleasurable.

They will help with your exercises if you are not satisfied with just Kegels or if you want to tighten the muscles even further. Many women enjoy adding them to their exercise regimen. Make sure you buy small ones. The smaller the balls the more toned your muscles will become. Follow the directions and make sure you attach a string for easy removal.