May 21, 2007

Mamas don't name your babies...

Reading the paper this morning I decided that some folks need help in the baby naming department.

There was a young girl who was upset enough to stab someone and is now in jail. Could it be the fact that her name is Melisia? Sounds awfully close to Militia to me. It really doesn't matter how her mama thought it should be pronounced. When teachers call roll or nurses read her name off of the clip board it will be mispronounced. That's a fact.

Whatever you do, don't name your baby girl Ima or Iwana. Just in case you haven't had your caffeine yet and need a little help, here are a few examples of why. These aren't real combinations, but they are real last names.

Ima Weiner
Ima Doody
Ima Butts

Well you get the picture. You may think, "Oh, we have a fine normal last name this won't hurt." That's fine and dandy until little Ima grows up and marries Richard Weiner a real combination, I didn't make this one up

Surely you don't want your daughter to go through life as Ima Weiner.

Celebrities are notorious for naming their children ridiculous names. Probably all the cocaine they've ingested. They have enough money to hire body guards to beat up anyone who makes fun of little Dweezil Zappa or Zowie Bowie, the rest of us, however, do not.

Naming a child is serious business, no matter what the stars think.

For heavens sake make sure your sober when you pick that name. Your son or daughter will thank you. :o)