May 11, 2012

I'm Worried About The Next Generation

 The news is enough to scare the daylights out of me.

We’ve got a couple down in Texas tying their four children to the hood of their car and driving down the road. I guess they didn’t have enough room for the kids to ride inside or maybe they were misbehaving.

Some of us have joked, telling our kids if they didn’t be quiet we were going to tie them on top or make them walk. This couple looked high so maybe their doped up brains didn’t realize you don’t really do crap like that.

Then we’ve got a woman in another state, I didn’t catch the location but it doesn’t really matter people are nuts all over, who was wrestling with a police officer while pregnant with her sixteenth child.

Sixteenth? Why in God’s name would you have that many kids?

Anyway, they tased her, not sure if they didn’t realize she was pregnant or not, but now she’s complaining about them endangering her unborn child. I guess she thinks wrestling with cops isn’t harmful to babies. What I want to know is who was taking care of the fifteen kids still at home?

Then there’s a story about the growing obesity problem in America (could be why the police didn’t know that woman was pregnant) and how it’s costing our country billions of dollars.

It’s not safe to send our kids to school because of the teachers trying to have sex with them (I’m talking about female teachers).

We had a case recently of a woman teacher who was taking indecent pictures of little girls at an elementary school and sending them to some pervert in another state.

What does she possibly get from a sick relationship like that? He’s obviously not interested in her and after seeing her picture I can see why but what does she get out of this; his attention, even though he’s only using her for child pornography?

Women used to have more sense. If they couldn’t get a man they took up knitting or quilting, they didn’t find the first pervert that gave her half a minute’s worth of attention and ruin her life. Now that teacher has lost her job, her credentials and she’s going to spend a lot of years in jail.

We’ve got babies wandering the streets unattended in nothing but a diaper and parents with the morals of an alley cat.

Maybe we need to bring Home Economics back to the schools. Someone needs to teach kids how to take proper care of babies, their parents aren't doing it.

You don’t strap children to hoods of automobiles, babies can’t take care of themselves and you don’t let your ten year old drive you home when you are drunk.

Here’s a website full of bad parent pictures. It seems to be “in style” to be lazy, lousy parents and proud of it.

 Oh, America isn't the only screwed up country. In India they have baby tossing day where a holy man throws infants from a roof to people waiting down below. If these kids grow up afraid of heights we'll know why. 

May 9, 2012

Basil Had His Wart Removed

About a year ago my Boston terrier Basil developed a wart on his forehead right between his eyes. I took him to the vet because at first I didn’t know what it was and thought it could be a tumor. Dog’s get cancer and growths just like people.

The vet said it was just a wart and nothing to worry about so we left it alone. Problem was, it kept growing and he would bump it and make it bleed, not a lot but just enough to make it look sore.

So I decided to have the vet take it off so it wouldn’t bother him anymore. My oldest son will be pleased because he says, “it’s ugly.” It isn’t pretty but it didn’t bother me near as much as it bothered my son.

They had to put Basil under anesthetic to remove the wart and since he’s so old I didn’t want to put him in any danger but it became a problem so yesterday morning Mr. Warty Head went in for minor surgery.

We’ll have to stop calling him Warty Head or Warty Headed Dog now but since he can’t hear he won’t know the difference if we forget and use those old pet names.

We’ve made jokes about him trying to turn into a unicorn since it’s right in the middle of his forehead and getting bigger. You can make jokes about dogs and they don’t care, they love you anyway.

He will be thirteen May 30, which is coming up pretty soon. Humans have work done when they get older so I guess he’s no different. He never looks in the mirror and doesn’t really care how he looks; smell is all he cares about. Actually, he can stink quite a bit and not mind that either.

We have a big backyard so taking him for walks was never an issue but he’s less active and has been putting on some weight. Neutering him last year probably didn’t help that matter any. He no longer marks his territory (why bother?) and all he has to live for is food. He has arthritis and it probably hurts to lift his leg.

He takes glucosamine chondroitin every morning for joint pain, which helps but you reach an age where you have ailments and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. The reason for this last bit of ramble is to tell you I’ve started taking him for walks at the park.

The first time we went he wasn’t thrilled especially since I didn’t let him go where he wanted so he walked a few yards, turned around and went back to stand by the car. “I’m ready to go home.”

I took him back the second day and he did better. I let him go where he wanted which at first confused him. He's used to me tugging on the leash telling him where to go. We walked about ¾ of a mile and then I could tell he was wearing out and took him back to the car.

When he was younger he could jump right into the car which isn’t really a car, it’s an SUV, not a large SUV at least not by Oklahoma standards but still a bit high off the ground for an old Boston Terrier to jump into.

Here he is with his wart.


Here he is without his wart. He has stitches but you may not be able to tell with my sorry picture taking. I couldn't get a good one without the possessed eyes either but hopefully you get the idea. 

He won't win any beauty contests but I love him anyway. 

May 2, 2012

Who Makes The Most Money Writing Online?

There was a time, many moons a go, when most writers were gray haired men in ratty tweed jackets pecking away on a typewriter. Sorry girls but most women were at home being wives and mothers, nothing wrong with stay at home moms but that was how it was.

Now days, it seems that everyone is writing: teenagers, grandmas and office workers bored with their duties. Everyone has something to say and want people to read it.

There is so much competition that many have resorted to methods a bit unconventional and even unethical to get their work noticed.

So who gets the most notice these days? Women with sexy avatars. That’s right, doesn’t matter if they are good writers or know what they are even talking about, they get the most attention.

I have read some really bad stuff that is misspelled, grammar errors abound and no common sense to the article but they have a huge audience.

In the old days most people that read were intellectuals with money to buy books. The poor didn’t have enough funds and many couldn’t even read. Move forward several decades and now most people in America are literate, at least at a third grade level and books, newspapers and the Internet are all free with the help of our local libraries.

The majority of people aren’t interested in intelligent conversation and they don’t even care if the facts are accurate. I’m going to give you American statistics because that’s where I live. These will vary in other countries.

Most Internet users, about 70% depending on whose findings you read, are male and around the age of 36 give or take.

Some of the statistics I’ve read say most have had some college and are upper income but I think that is inaccurate. From the people I talk to, I think less people have gone to college and most fall into the lower income bracket, here’s why. All you have to have these days is a smart phone to access the Internet. Some of these websites are assuming people have a computer and pay for service, I don’t think that is true but I digress.

Back to my point, young men are easily influenced by pretty women, especially if they give them half a minutes worth of attention, some women have figured this out using it to their advantage.

Are you ready for this? The people making the most money from online blogging and article writing are (or at least want you to think they are) young attractive women. Some market savvy women use it to their advantage.

I know women who have an avatar of a girl in a bikini or sexy clothing, their writing is atrocious and yet they get many comments, views and their income is much higher then many of their peers simply due to their picture and a bit of flirting in the comments. It works, they know it and they are cashing in at the bank.

Here’s the kicker, most of those avatars are not the writer’s own picture. They borrow them from stock photos or some other source knowing they’ll get more readers then if they use their own image because many of them are middle age women who look nothing like the pin ups they are portraying.

I even know a couple men (Don’t worry guys, I won’t blow your cover) who use a female pseudonym and avatar so they can make it in the writing world.

Sure there are still intelligent people out there that want to read articles written by people who know what they are talking about and can give them good information but for the mediocre journalist it’s not so easy to get noticed.

So, should we all use cleavage shots as our profile pictures and flirt to get attention? Of course not. I know a couple young women writers who didn’t even use revealing photos but were stalked and traumatized by strange men who became enamored with them. We can’t be too careful these days.

Write well written, informative articles and you’ll get an audience, it might not be huge and you probably won’t get rich but at least you know you did it on your own merits and not by false means.