December 11, 2009

I’ve been known to make serious people with very little sense of humor smile just because I was cracking up. My laugh seems to be especially contagious.

When I get a massage I always get tickled, literally. I can’t help it. He’s had to catch me from falling off the table before because I’m laughing so hard. We both end up laughing by the end of my session. My masseur says it means I’m a compassionate person. All this time I thought it just meant I was silly.

Have you ever gotten the giggles at inappropriate times like at a wedding? A woman wore this sweater that reminded me of a jester’s suit and I started getting tickled so I had to leave the room. I know that is so bad but I really did. Sometimes the things I find amusing don’t always make since.

This poor woman got tickled about something and couldn’t even do the weather. It doesn’t even matter that you can’t understand her language just try not to laugh.

Laughing is good for our health. It’s long been said that optimists live longer than pessimists and finding humor in the little things in life just might help you feel better.

There have been entire shows made up of funny videos. I like them but don’t care for the clips of people getting hurt. Somehow I don’t see the humor in other people’s pain but I must be in the minority on this one because I see people in the audience chuckling.

This is cool. You have to watch the whole thing.