July 17, 2009

Hectic Week

My daughter has had babysitting classes at the local college this week. They have several fun things for kids during the summer.

It’s 20 minutes away and instead of coming back home I stayed in town to pass the time until she got out.

Monday I went to the library with my laptop thinking I would do some writing. Ha! The place was crawling with kids who had nothing better to do than hang out causing havoc.

A girl and her little brother sat next to me and she ordered that poor boy to do all sorts of degrading things part of which consisted of going to the bathroom for paper towels to wash her flip flops and then she made him follow her around carrying them. I wanted so badly to say something to the little witch but I held my tongue.

They finally left and two teenage boys took their place talking about me like I was deaf and couldn’t hear them even though they were only a foot and a half away from me. lol

These two must have walked to the library in the 105 degree heat and either their deodorant expired or they forgot to wear any.

Curly haired boy- “She’s lucky she doesn’t have to wait for a computer, she brought her own.”

Short-haired friend- “She got the most comfortable chair too. I wish I had that chair.”

Curly haired boy- “If I had a computer I’d be chatting with _____.”

Short-haired friend- “She is so cute. I can’t believe she is your friend on MySpace.”

Curly haired boy- “Yeah, when I get older I’m going to travel to Canada and visit her. You know you can walk down the road smoking a joint there and nobody cares.”

I’m tried really hard not to laugh. Finally I got up and let them have the “comfy chair”.

Tuesday I went to Panera bread thinking there would be an older crowd that would be quieter. Not so much. There was a group of ladies sitting near me talking loudly about everything from funerals, convalescent homes, a husband-stealing hussy, and ex-husbands. Apparently they all knew this woman that was after everyone’s husband but for some stupid reason they kept inviting her to their homes. ????

The rest of the week I had appointments and errands to run that kept me busy.

Then Thursday afternoon I took my daughter and one of her friends to see Harry Potter. Before the movie started a bad storm came through and knocked the power out. They came in and told us it wasn’t coming back on anytime soon and they would give us all a rain check. It was hailing and pouring rain. A truck and car had a wreck before they even got out of the parking lot.

We were going to go eat somewhere but had trouble finding anyone with power. There was no electricity for miles. We passed downed power lines, trees and several wrecks. I thought we would go to Midwest City and surely find a restaurant open. It wasn’t until we got to the east side of Midwest City that we found anyone with electricity.

Of course the few open places were packed because they got the overflow from the other areas. We finally found a Mexican restaurant open. The lady asked me if we wanted a booth or table and I told her I didn’t care I was just thrilled she had electricity. Over 200,000 customers are without power and there is damage all over. Some was from high winds and some from tornadoes. It was crazy.

A hotel and the place that sold me my car lost their roofs. Jennifer’s college doesn’t have electricity so they canceled her class.

So I still haven’t seen the movie and I’m sitting here feeling fortunate that I have lights and no damage at my house. There is always something to be thankful for.