October 30, 2009

Angels, Computer Robots and David Hasselhoff

I had a frustrating day yesterday.

First of all I woke very early to the angels bowling and shooting off fireworks. (That’s what I always tell little kids so they don’t freak out.)

Second the lightening zapped my internet connection so I had to call the robot lady to get help and she had a hard time understanding me. When I said three she thought I said zero. I know my Okie accent is thick but how do you get zero out of three?

So after several minutes she hands me over to an agent that might speak my language or at least understand me better. We still had a communication break down because he starts speaking in computerese and I’m lost. He soon realizes he has a dummy on the phone and starts talking to me like I’m a child. “It’s a plug that looks like a phone jack only it has more wires and is a little bigger.”

“I found it.” I exclaim while crawling around in the dust amongst the electric spaghetti with my butt in the air. I really need to fire that cleaning lady. Oh wait, I’m the cleaning lady. Never mind.

It turns out my router seems to be fried. Darn wild angels.

So this morning I am borrowing my neighbors internet to post this blog. Don’t tell them. It’s not like I didn’t pay for service, I just can’t get to mine right now unless I connect directly to the modem with a two foot chord. I feel like a bad dog on a short leash. “I promise I won’t bite the mailman again if you’ll just let me go.”

I will be busy the next few weeks with NaNo, (Please refer to NaNo blog for more info.) and instead of leaving y’all hanging I have decided to incorporate a few old blogs, kind of like reruns. Most of y’all are new readers so it will be new to you. The handful of oldies but goodies might be like I am and not remember them anyway. If not you’ll just feel like you’re watching Pamela In Red in syndication.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and have quite a few in my files. In the beginning I didn’t keep copies on my USB but after a few mishaps I soon realized it was a good idea.

Some are pretty funny but in the wrong season so I will have to dig through and try to find some that somewhat relate to current affairs. Like the one where I got a sunburn on my knees and then went to the gynecologist and she asked me if I’d been down on my knees. I love that one.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember David Hasselhoff’s name yesterday and of course couldn’t get online which is an extension of my brain. I was trying to come up with names for all my NaNo characters. One is a drunk and a picture of this famous actor eating a hamburger off the floor came to mind. Only problem is I can’t use the name David because that was my favorite uncle’s name and he’s now my guardian angel and that would be disrespectful so I’m back to square one.

My character is a middle age guy with a drinking problem but he’s not a mean drunk just an apathetic one. Does anyone have a good idea for a name?