January 6, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

I have discovered that I overuse this odd acronym way too much. When we talk to people on the internet it is not always evident if we are joking or serious since we do not have the advantage of facial expressions so to lighten the mood we sometimes put the letters “lol” to show our comment is all in fun. However, some of us, me included, have gotten a bit carried away and use it like punctuation marks after our sentences.

Talking to a friend, recently, I realized how frequent I used it and she mentioned if we really laughed out loud as often as we wrote it we would appear to be raving lunatics. So, with that said I have decided to replace most of my lol’s with happy faces. :o) I do smile a lot so that should suffice and not make me appear to be too crazy. I hope.

Another popular one is ROFLMAO. If we indeed rolled on the floor laughing there would need to be an entire lane just for these tumbling fools so no one would be injured.

“I would have gotten here sooner but there were a lot of people rolling on the floor laughing and I just couldn’t get by.”

Putting in a search for this term I discovered there are blogs, books and even a movie titled “Laughing Out Loud.” We love to laugh that is why comedy is so popular. Laughing is good for our health and soul.

Incidentally, I do laugh quite a bit, so much so a serious teenage girl once told me, “You laugh a lot.” I said, “Yes, there is a lot of funny things in this world.” She just nodded.

Give this video a little bit of time and you will see the funny part. I love the guy in the middle, his laugh is contagious and yes, I am laughing out loud. :o)