February 19, 2010

What's New?

I’ve been a bit busy lately so I’m just going to give you a blog of what’s going on in my life.

I took Jennifer to the eye doctor because she hasn’t been seeing so good and now she is sporting dark purple frames making her look totally different. It’s like having someone else in the house. She can see much better so I probably look different to her as well.

My husband’s blood pressure has been dangerously high and they keep changing his medication. He’s now on four different ones all with various side effects that are fun to work with. The latest one can cause him to grow man boobs so we have to keep an eye on that one. I told him I’d loan him some of my bras.

I also took my daughter to a new psychologist. She has some social issues that have been a challenge her whole life and various counselors have worked with her but no one has really helped her. Most just attributed it to her ADHD and just wanted to put her on drugs. This latest doctor is pretty sure she has Asberger’s Disorder. I pulled up the website and it sounds just like my daughter. I had heard of Asberger’s but never really read up on it. Here’s the website if you are interested:


I’ve been watching the Olympics some and last night I came back in the room and asked Mark what country the male figure skater was from. He said I think Switzerland. I said, “He has dark hair. I thought Swiss people have blond hair.”

He said, “It doesn’t matter anymore, the Canadian is Chinese, the American is Russian, the French is Spanish and this Swiss guy has dark hair.”

We are all just one big happy family these days aren’t we?

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