April 25, 2007

Killing or losing Cell Phones

Some people just have a knack for killing or losing their cell phones. Not on purpose, mind you.

Knock on wood, I've had the same cell phone for five years now, but others in my family don't seem to have the same luck I do.

The toilet seems to be a popular place, especially if you're talking on it at the time or carry it in one of those handy-dandy cell phone holders that goes on your waist band.

Another popular place to murder a cellular phone is concrete. It could be the drive way, the street or a ceramic tile floor (which isn't concrete but every bit as hard).

I've heard of a girl who dropped hers out of her car and then ran over it. Accidently, of course.

Years a go I drowned one at White Water Bay. I bought a plastic fanny pack and thought it would be waterproof. It wasn't.

Some people sit on them breaking the fold and in turn disabling the device.

Shutting them in a car door will also do the trick.

As far as losing them the possibilities are endless. You can leave them anywhere. Public places are a sure bet you'll probably never see them again.

Putting a label with your name and home phone number on them helps, but only for honest people.

I lost mine in the J.C. Penney's dressing room, after trying on clothes, several years a go. Luckily, a clerk found it and called me at home. At the time I was cranky about having to go all the way back to Oklahoma City to retrieve it, but it was much cheaper than having to buy a new phone.

My husband left his in a hardware store and when he went back for it the cell phone was gone.

When I was a kid no one had a cell phone except Maxwell Smart, on one of my favorite television shows, and his was in his shoe. :o)