April 26, 2012

Why I Don't Follow Famous People On Social Media Sites

Famous people only want to be heard, they don’t follow you back and have no time to interact with us little folks.

Eventually, everything the big guys have to say and share will make it’s way to your feed via all the other people that follow these guys and you wind up with four or more of an update by Mr. Blank. You can fill in the line with whomever you feel is a guru, SEO expert, celebrity or media giant. I don’t know about you but multiple posts by anyone is overkill for me I don’t care how much I like them.

Their god worthy comments clog up your wall and then you don’t get to read the great things your real friends have to say. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of what they tell us and I even learn a little once in a while but it gets old really quick with me. I saw it the first time and all the other times there after.

Most social media sites have a friend limit and I’d rather add people who might add me back or whom I can have an actual conversation with. I realize some aren’t online as much. Some people are busy, have kids or work long hours at their jobs. I get that and don’t hold it against anyone if they aren’t able to be as active as others.

I don’t have anything personally against these people and some have great information to share with us but if it’s going to filter down the grape vine anyway why not just wait and hear it second or even third hand?

A few times I’ve gotten a reply from some of them with a condescending remark, which left me not liking them quite so much. If you disagree with them, have suggestions or aren’t interested in their new website they are promoting or product they are selling they can be quite ugly. They are so used to people worshiping the ground they walk on that if someone has an opinion of their own they don’t know how to deal with them.

I’m not mean or rude when I make a comment but sometimes I simply don’t agree. A woman on Google+ recently blocked my comments because I posted a remark about not liking cats. Seriously? I'm not losing sleep over it... but I did cross her off my friends list. If she's not going to let me post a comment I don't need to see her posts. 

Most people don't want our real opinion they just want mindless lemmings who tell them how great and wonderful they are. "Your posts are the best!"

I want the real deal, people. Don't gloss it over or tell me I'm super or the best. I'm okay with your opinion as long as you aren't being rude and crude for shock factor. You are entitled to your opinion and I'm not going to hold it against you. I don't like fake people. 

I don’t blindly follow a person just because they are rich or famous. Sorry to disappoint them but sometimes they are wrong. Nobody is right all of the time.

Fame and fortune doesn’t impress me, they put their pants on the same way the rest of us do and guess what? They have stinky bodily functions like everybody else too.

I’d rather help out a struggling new person than those making millions. They already have their large piece of the pie and a head too big to fit through doors.

If I ever get that famous (in my dreams) and act like an arrogant ass y’all be sure to let me know.