September 26, 2007

First drove a car at three years old

My son Nicholas is a car nut. He was born with a monkey wrench in his hands which may explain my long hard labor.

We lived on an acre with a long drive way when he was three years old. Nicholas was always my husband's shadow especially when tools were involved.

Mr. Red usually does most of our car maintenance himself and was changing the oil in one of our vehicles. He had one parked sideways behind the other.

My memory of cars isn't too great but I think at the time we had a Volvo and a Monte Carlo. The Volvo was parked sideways behind the Monte Carlo.

Dad came inside to use the bathroom. I was busy in the kitchen as usual when Nicholas comes running in the house very excited.

Mom I drove the car.

That's great hon.

Really, I drove the car.

Husband comes out of the bathroom and goes back outside.

All of a sudden I hear a loud string of ugly words coming from the front yard and I look at Nicholas, who suddenly doesn't look as happy as he did earlier, in fact he starts to look very worried.

Mr. Red bursts into the house still using words my small son shouldn't be hearing.

My son hides behind me knowing he needs protection from the large person wielding a tool and yelling.

What happened? I ask.

He looks at Nicholas and I swear sparks were flying from his hair.

Apparently, my son got into the first car, put it in reverse and backed it into the second car.

And that, my friends, is the first of several car accidents my first born has had.

He rolled his first two cars.

The first one was a Honda Accord. He wasn't wearing a seat belt and had the window down on the driver's side. He was driving fast and the roads were wet.

He was sixteen or seventeen at the time.

His car ended upside down between two trees.

Nicholas crawled out of the window and ran to a friend's house a few blocks away.

Colin gave him a ride home. They drove by the accident so he could show his friend, because when you're a teenager these things are cool.

The police were there and looking around in the woods with flashlights trying to find his dead body because, as the officer later told my husband, he didn't see how anyone could have lived through that.

His second roll over was in a Miata with his hard top on, thank God and another police officer was amazed that Nicholas walked away from that accident.

The boy has extra guarding angels watching over him. That's all I can say.

He's now 25 but unfortunately he hasn't outgrown the speed addiction.

September 21, 2007

Thank God for the Falsies

My husband says a prayer at supper time thanking God for our meal and whatever else he happens to be thankful for at the time.

Last evening he was praying and said, "and thank you for the falsies".

I look up and start laughing.

Now I need to make it clear here that I do not personally have any surgical additions to my person nor does my husband.

I'm still cracking up.

"What's so funny?" He asks me.

"Thank God for the falsies?" I ask him.

"Not falsies, 'Fall Season'".

Did I mention I don't hear very well. :o)

September 8, 2007

My Puppy

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June 1999, I decided I wanted a Boston terrier. My neighbor had one and hers was always well behaved, stayed in her yard and never wandered off.

I checked the newspaper and found a puppy farm in a small town not far from where one of my sister's lived.

The man had two litters.

I picked out a little male that had good markings and held him up for inspection. He wiggled and squirmed wanting down so I put him on the floor and he took off, never looking back.

I looked in the box and one of the puppies was lying on it's back waving at me.

The waving puppy's markings weren't as pretty, but I picked him up anyway. He lay on his back in the palm of my hand looking up at me. I put him down to see what he would do. The waving dog sat on my foot and didn't move.

I put waving puppy back in the box with his litter mates and went looking for the busy one. Again, he squirmed wanting down to explore, so I put him back in the box.

Waving puppy was again on his back waving at me. I picked him up and gave him a closer inspection.

I told the man, "I've got to have this one, he keeps waving at me."

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My sister decided she had to have one too so we both ended up with a puppy that day.

I named mine Basil Hamlet. Basil sounded like an English butler and to me that's what he looked like.

Hamlet is because he is a ham in personality and a piggy when it comes to food.

I've always heard that you should let the dog pick you instead of the other way around and I believe it is true because he's the best dog I've ever had.

And he still stays right where I am and never wanders off.