September 8, 2007

My Puppy

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June 1999, I decided I wanted a Boston terrier. My neighbor had one and hers was always well behaved, stayed in her yard and never wandered off.

I checked the newspaper and found a puppy farm in a small town not far from where one of my sister's lived.

The man had two litters.

I picked out a little male that had good markings and held him up for inspection. He wiggled and squirmed wanting down so I put him on the floor and he took off, never looking back.

I looked in the box and one of the puppies was lying on it's back waving at me.

The waving puppy's markings weren't as pretty, but I picked him up anyway. He lay on his back in the palm of my hand looking up at me. I put him down to see what he would do. The waving dog sat on my foot and didn't move.

I put waving puppy back in the box with his litter mates and went looking for the busy one. Again, he squirmed wanting down to explore, so I put him back in the box.

Waving puppy was again on his back waving at me. I picked him up and gave him a closer inspection.

I told the man, "I've got to have this one, he keeps waving at me."

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My sister decided she had to have one too so we both ended up with a puppy that day.

I named mine Basil Hamlet. Basil sounded like an English butler and to me that's what he looked like.

Hamlet is because he is a ham in personality and a piggy when it comes to food.

I've always heard that you should let the dog pick you instead of the other way around and I believe it is true because he's the best dog I've ever had.

And he still stays right where I am and never wanders off.


Lilfix said...


What a great story. I love that he kept waving at you...that was so cute...

When I went to pick out Koda, I also had looked at his brothers first...Koda was the runt, so he didn't do much. But when I picked him up and looked into his sweet brown eyes, he had me. Koda will be 4 years old this month (the day after my birthday) and they have been the best 4 years. He is spoiled and a little rotten at times, but he's my furbaby and I wouldn't have him any other way...

Pamela Kay Morgan said...

That's so sweet.