March 24, 2012

A Cell Phone With Whipped Cream And A Cherry On Top

Yesterday we went shopping for new smart phones because everyone else has them and we certainly don’t want to be left out.

My current cell phone was just fine doing what it was supposed to do which is take calls but now days that isn’t enough, oh no, now they have to play music, videos and make us a sandwich.

The young man who looked like he was about fourteen showed me several different phones that did all sorts of things including talk to you. I guess if I get lonely I can strike up a conversation with my phone.

He talked to me about frozen yogurt, gingerbread and ice cream. Oddly enough I was hungry after leaving his store.

“So your cell phones have frozen yogurt, gingerbread or ice cream but you don’t sell any of those items for human consumption?”

“No ma’am.”

“Okay, well you are in China town can I at least get an egg roll?”

“We don’t sell those either.”

They really shouldn’t talk about all that food if they aren’t going to at least offer you a complimentary cookie, it’s the least they could do since they charge you a fortune for a small device that fits in your pocket.

Any day now my phone will update to the Ice Cream, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’m lactose intolerant.

He gave me his business card in case I had any questions. I did. I bet he is wishing he never gave me that card.

I got a HTC Sensation phone and I told him that reminded me of INXS’s song New Sensation. He just looked at me with a blank look. He clamed to be a big music buff but never heard of INXS.

So as well as being hungry I had that song going through my head. In case you’ve been living under the same rock as my new friend Van here’s INXS.

March 20, 2012

Website Spammers

Once you’ve moved up in the world of blogging and have done your marketing properly you start getting all sorts of attention and sometimes you get emails and comments from spammers.

One of the things I love about Blogger is their great filter software that sorts them out. I get an email asking for approval before any suspicious comments are posted. My readers never see them but I get several every week.

What is spam?

Were not talking about the salty canned meat variety. This spam comes in the form of emails or comments usually soliciting a service you don’t want.

I say usually because one man’s spam is another man’s bread and butter.

Examples of spam

Recently I’ve gotten emails telling me my website was difficult to find but with their service I can increase my audience. I must not be too hard to find if they found me.

Others are prostitutes and don’t even bother to find out I’m a woman. The reason I suspect them to be ladies of the night is because their emails say they are looking for a nice man to get to know better. I realize some countries might not know that “Pamela” is a woman’s name but my picture is on my websites. Maybe they are hoping I have a lonely desperate male assistant.

Most of us have read the emails from Ethiopia telling us we’ve won or inherited a large sum of money and if we will give them our bank information they will gladly send it to us. Unfortunately people fall for this one on a regular basis.

I get emails asking me to be their pen pal. While many of these people are probably harmless, in this day and age one can’t be too careful so if I receive a short note in my webmail with little information about the sender, you aren’t going to get a response.

There are many other scams out there but these are the ones I’ve gotten lately.

Should you put your email on your website?

For a long time I didn’t post mine for just this reason and figured if anyone wanted to talk to me they could just post a comment on one of my blogs or articles but I have read in many marketing books as well as online articles that it is a good business practice to give your customers a way of reaching you.

I have gotten a few writing jobs this way so it is a good idea, you just have to be careful who you accept work from since many correspondences are spam. Not all writing offers are legitimate so be sure and check them out before taking the assignment.

Oh and I am not interested in buying Viagra or any other pharmaceuticals from strangers. Surely you don’t think I’m that gullible. 

March 13, 2012

Charlie Chaplin, Cell Phone Gold And A Frog

I’m doing research for an article and it’s amazing the weird crap I find sometimes when trying to write a serious story. By the way it's been hard to find a video to go with this particular article I'm working on. Usually, I have no problem at all and can find several videos but today I struggled to find one so this article may be without a video. But in the process I found many weird ones and decided to post them here for you to see. 

There is a video on YouTube and here since I’m going to share it with you showing a woman in a Charlie Chaplin movie looking like she is talking on a cell phone. There are people trying really hard to prove we have the ability to time travel and this video is one of them.

They slow it down and zoom in so you can see this woman who, I admit, does look like she's talking on a cell phone but common sense tells me otherwise. Maybe she's talking to herself and maybe she is holding her hat on or a hearing device on her ear. 

First of all, you have to have satellites and cell phone towers to talk on a cell phone and even if someone in the future figures out how to make phones that don’t need these why would she even have to hold it to her ear? It would be more like Star Trek’s watch phones or an earbud that just sits there hands free.

And we wouldn’t have some old lady traveling through time; they would send a young person. Why send Granny when you can send an able bodied youngster that doesn't have rheumatism because the lady in this film looks to be in her 80's. The trip alone could kill her. 

There are people arguing for hours about this video and possibility of a person traveling through time just to be in a Charlie Chaplin movie while chatting on a cell phone.

Then we have videos showing us how to take apart our old cell phones to get the gold out to turn in for money. Well, now we know why those darn cell phones cost so much, they're made of gold. Those Apple iPhones must have a lot of gold in them.

Most of y’all have probably seen the video game playing frog catching flies or whatever characters are on a cell phone game. It’s had a lot of views. People love to watch critters do funny or cute things.

Not to be outdone some guy posted his bearded dragon playing a video game. 

There are more animals doing funny things with cell phones if have a few minutes to spare and want to go over there and look. 

March 7, 2012

A Six Pack, Two Beers And A Pack Of Cigarettes

You know how sometimes you remember something and you aren’t really sure why it sticks in your mind… it just does?

A long time ago in a far away land, no wait… Anyway when I was a teenager I worked in a small grocery store near my house.

Every evening, without fail, this same man would come in red nosed buying the same thing, a six-pack of beer (I don’t recall the brand), two more beers and a pack of cigarettes.

He was a nice man, didn’t flirt like some of the older guys that came in, he just smiled, didn’t say much, bought his purchases and left.

The other cashiers and sackers would make comments about why eight beers? Was that what it took to get his buzz each evening? And why not buy a case or carton of cigarettes instead of stopping by the store each and every evening?

I’ve thought about that over the years and decided he was probably the type person that would drink however much he had and by only purchasing eight beers at a time he kept himself from drinking too much even though drinking eight beers every night isn’t at all healthy.

I should mention that here in Oklahoma we have liquor laws so this beer couldn’t be over 3.2 in liquor content to be sold in a grocery store.

Maybe it was the same thing with the cigarettes, if he only bought a pack he would stop at the end and if he had more he would smoke them.

I’m not sure how old he was, being a teenager anyone over the age of 25 looked about the same to me until they reached really old, you know, like 50. I’m guessing he was probably in his 30’s. I don’t know if he was married, I don’t remember a wedding ring but that doesn’t really tell much since not all married men wore rings back then. Heck, not all of them wear them now.

I’m assuming he had a wife since he never bought food, but then again it’s possible he bought his groceries somewhere else. Maybe he kept his food purchasing separate from his partying stash when he shopped.

And if he had a wife, what did she think about Mr. Eight Beers and a Pack? Was she okay with it? Did she overlook his addictions since he came home every night and kept a job? Not being a womanizer prowling around at night can be a plus in many women’s books. And then again maybe she was a nag and those beers were how he put up with her every evening.

I don’t expect he lived to be very old with that way of life but then I might be surprised, some people seem to have a cast iron liver while others don’t last very long on that diet.

By the way, he was my favorite customer.

March 1, 2012

Thirty Hubs In Thirty Days HubPages Contest

If y’all don’t see much of me on social media sites the next 30 days it’s because I took leave of my senses and decided to do a thirty-day challenge where I write an article everyday, hopefully legible, well written and interesting.

HubPages has these contests every now and then to get us motivated and give us a little extra money, which is always great to have so I thought I’d take the plunge. I have three birthdays next month so extra cash would be nice. I have to put up with three Aries men; can you believe that?

So I’ve been researching trying to come up with my 30 answers because, I forgot to tell you this part, we have to answer questions people have asked in the question and answer forum on HubPages. Some are pretty easy but some not so much. There are some that are in broken English and I’m not altogether sure what the poor souls are even trying to say but most are legible.

Having challenges is a good thing and helps get us motivated and focused. Having a goal will make me work harder and get more done. Not that I goof off and play otherwise but I can always do more. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish when we set our minds to it.

So I’ve found a video because you know I love them and I’m going to play it everyday to get me motivated. Yes, I know Van Halen isn’t singing about writing but it still works.  I’m an 80’s rocker girl and like me some longhaired rock n roll. I’m going to finish what I’ve started and keep with the plan. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!

I’m picturing my guitar-playing cheerleaders in tight jeans and sexy smiles. Sorry, I got sidetracked. *cough*

You can help by reading my stories on HubPages. They’ll pop up in my HubPages box to the right over there. It's the one that says, "Hubs by Pamela N Red." 

Just click on the title and it will take you to HubPages land where you can see what I’ve been up to, read my stories and see that I’m keeping up with my goal. ~wink, wink~

It will certainly be a challenge since we have Spring Break this month and I’m going to be working on one of my rent houses but I’ve gotten a bit of a head start with research so at least I have an idea what I will write about. Should be a piece of cake… I hope. 

Now put down that guitar and come over here...