February 9, 2009

Tell Your Daughter To Keep Her Hands Out Of My Son's Pants

When Nicholas was a baby an elderly woman at my church told me those big brown eyes of his were going to have the girls falling all over him. Little old ladies know about such things.

At seven he had a cool clubhouse with windows shaped like triangles, circles as well as the traditional squares. He had to share it with his little brother but they always got along okay so he didn’t mind.

There was a little girl across the street that sometimes came over. We’ll call her Bambi. She was about nine years old at the time and it never crossed my mind to chaperone their playtime.

Bambi’s mama ran off a couple of years before with another man never to be heard from again and I felt sorry for her daddy having to raise her by himself.

One day, Nicholas came in with a strange look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said that Bambi put her hand down his pants. Well, being a young mom I came unglued and when Mark got home I told him what happened.

He grinned and thought the whole thing was quite funny. Of course I didn’t think it was a bit funny. Mark said he had to wait until he was 21 before a girl put her hand down his pants so he thought his son was doing pretty well and no he wasn’t going to go talk to Bambi’s daddy.

A few years a go I heard Bambi got a job as an exotic dancer. I guess now she gets paid for feeling boys up.