December 21, 2009

Tis The Season To Bite Each Other's Heads Off

First of all I want to wish all y’all a Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings you everything your little hearts desire. And I hope those of you snowed in have plenty of food and heat.

I’m taking time off from commenting on Topix for a bit. My close friends know where to find me.

No one has run me off or hurt my feelings and I certainly wasn’t banned. I’m just tired of all the bickering and childish name-calling. People have forgotten how to have an adult conversation with each other and I’m just tired of it.

It amazes me the number of people that get enjoyment out of sitting at home on their computers anonymously ridiculing other people. Do they honestly think this makes them look better? Do they really feel more important calling others derogatory names?

I work from home and don’t get to be around people as much as some of y’all do so it’s a way for me to visit with others and have fun. When it is no longer enjoyable I leave. A few months back I mentioned I was going to take a break and a few people talked me into staying so this time I’m not telling anyone in the forums. Kind of sneaky, I know and I’m sorry, truly I am.

The same nonsense goes on in other forums, whether it’s music, a YouTube video or a blog, they feel the need to pick them apart saying ridiculous things that are often irrelevant to the material at hand.

On another subject that is equally pertinent to the title is our lovely holiday break. We look forward to time away from work and getting to spend more time with the people we are supposed to love only to find they drive us nuts.

There is nothing like togetherness to bring out your significant other’s flaws and annoying habits. Suddenly they chew too loudly, step on the breaks too hard and use the wrong knife to make a sandwich. While absence makes the heart grow fonder togetherness drives us to distraction.

You can’t brush your teeth because they are using the sink to shave so you shower first only to realize later you forgot to brush your teeth because your whole routine is messed up. Making your breakfast is also difficult because someone is in your way even though you have other counter space available you both seem to need the same square foot of Formica.

Sometimes I understand the hermit on the hill that lives away from all “civilization” because people aren’t really civilized after all. Are they?