June 14, 2010

My Ghosts Like To Smoke

My sons swore up and down we had a ghost in our house when they were growing up. Maybe I’m just too busy or spirits only talk to children but Mr. Ghost hasn’t shown himself to me personally. Thank God. I’d probably pee my pants if he did and perhaps he’s a considerate fellow and realizes this. Hey, it could happen.

Before we bought this house it belonged to a suicidal young man who apparently had a drug problem. Perhaps he still does… sort of.

On occasion I smell the faint aroma of cigarette smoke in the two back rooms of my house. I thought it was my next-door neighbor smoking outside but we have new windows and I’ve actually gone out to check and don’t see anyone lighting up. Early on I also thought it was lingering odors in the carpet but that has been replaced and the walls have all been repainted.

As far as cool breezes I am cold natured and feel them all the time so if a spook is visiting I wouldn’t know the difference between a cold flash and a spirit. I know at my age I’m supposed to be having hot flashes and not cool snaps but my body didn’t get that memo.

I’ve heard of deceased family members coming to people in their sleep to give them advice but if my grandparents are trying to give me guidance I’m not getting the message. It’s usually silly stuff going on that doesn’t make any sense. Oh and in one dream my grandmother was smoking a cigarette and she didn’t do that while alive. Not sure what tobacco has to do with my poltergeists but they all seem to have that nasty habit.

Being dead probably gives you an advantage in that you can puff away to your heart’s content without worry about getting cancer since they are already ashes themselves in many cases.

Which brings me to another thought; I read that some religions, including protestant, didn’t/don’t believe in cremation because of the whole rising from the dead thing and if your body was burned and especially if it were sprinkled willy-nilly how would Jesus gather you up and take you to the Pearly Gates?

Some folks truly have too much time on their hands if they are worrying so much about their bodies after they have passed on. I guess they didn’t think about the fact that they would be decomposed by then and not in the best of shape to meet their maker anyway. I think they need to watch a few zombie movies to fully appreciate that thought.

This makes me think of another story. My mind is truly rambling today. I promise I didn’t make this one up it was in a newspaper a few years back. An elderly woman was upset because the cemetery accidently buried her husband in the wrong plot. It seems they put him next to another woman and Mrs. Dismayed was all a twitter saying that Mr. Dismayed was unfaithful during their married life and now he’s lying with another woman even after death. Bless her heart.