May 18, 2007

I Have the Answer to the Energy Crisis

I don't know why scientists haven't figured this one out already.

You know all those menopausal women out there having hot flashes? Well, all we have to do is hook them up to electrodes and we could power the world.

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According to statistics most of the population is over the age of 40 and most of them are women. That's a lot of hot flashes. Let's put those baby's to good use.

The way I figure it, there's enough of us that we wouldn't have to be hooked up full time. We could work in shifts and it's not like real work, oh no. You could read, knit or even watch t.v.

And don't forget those teenaged girls out there. Forget wind power, what about chat power? There's gotta be a ton of energy coming from all those telephone calls.

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Don't ground those girls, hard wire them. Put all those senseless phone calls to good use.

Might as well get junior involved. Yesiree. Those button pushing youngsters can keep the city lights going. All those video games and remote controls can be hooked up as well. Why we'll have this energy crunch under control in no time.

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You no how dad complains about the price of gas? Well I have a solution for that one too. Most dad's have a **ahem**gas problem of sorts themselves. Well, what if dad's gas could power the SUV? I think it could work. Give ol' dad that burrito and send him off to work. :o)

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