February 16, 2012

How To Be Popular On Facebook

Do you ever wonder why some people get all kinds of responses and comments and you can’t get anyone to even “like” your update? I’ll let you in on a few tips of why some people aren’t getting noticed on social networking sites.

Don’t take this personally if you fit one or more of these descriptions. We’ve all been one of these on occasion, you just want to make sure you aren’t that way all of the time.  

People are drawn to happy, fun, upbeat people so if you want to be popular on Facebook or any other social networking site avoid the following behavior. 

The Whiner

We all have bad days when everything seems to happen wrong but these people must have been born on Wednesday because their life is full of woe. They always need someone to pray for them, their relationship is always on the verge of breaking up, their boss hates them, they’ve lost/losing their job or they don’t have enough money.

Nobody likes a wet blanket. For Pete’s sake, surely something good has happened in your life this week, tell your friends a nice story once in a while and back off of the gloom and doom all of the time.

The Ranter

These people need a chill pill; they are always pissed off at someone or everyone. I imagine they are the people on the highway with road rage. If everyone would just straighten up and do as they say the world would be a much better place.

Go down to your local pharmacy and have your blood pressure checked, seriously.

The Politician

They aren’t running for office themselves although from their updates I’m sure they feel they could fix all of the nations problems if they could just get in the White House.

Every update is their political views about who should be in office or impeached.

Some of these are funny and I do learn things I wouldn’t always get from the news on television but this is information overload.

Take it down a notch; switch it up a bit with puppy bulletins or funny cartoons. We like variety.

The Activist

From animal rights to occupy Wall Street these people all have a stand on some issue and they make sure we all see the latest bulletin, horrible video of abuse or news story.

I’d love to save the baby seals but please don’t show any more pictures of them being beaten with clubs; some of us are eating lunch.