February 12, 2010

YouTube and Stupid Signs

If you have an account with YouTube they try to guess what you like and recommend videos they just know you’ll be tickled to death to waste time watching. Sometimes they are spot on and you think, “Cool, I really like that.” But most of the time I find myself wondering, “What were they thinking?”

I watched this group:

So YouTube thought because I listened to them I would want to watch the movie Twilight. I’m trying to figure out the connection between this band and a vampire movie? Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight it’s the connection that confuses me.

So then I get another one that says because I watched Joe Wong on Ellen Degeneres I might want to watch Taylor Swift on Ellen. It is both Ellen but…

Here is another one YouTube recommended for me. It doesn’t have a darn thing to do with what I was watching but this guy cracks me up.

I already mentioned that I traveled down to Dallas Sunday and it’s truly amazing how screwed up some road signs are. We were going around a curve and the sign said left lane ends up ahead. I noticed most of the cars were in the left lane but I thought maybe they either didn’t see the sign or thought they had plenty of time. Turns out it was my lane… the right lane that ended up ahead. Those crazy Texans are just trying to trick out-of-towners.

Oh but Oklahoma can’t measure distance so we are no better because I got back over the border and see a blinking sign that said roadwork four miles ahead. I drove and drove and no roadwork so I thought maybe that sign was from a previous job and they just forgot to remove it. Nope, I see another blinking sign that says roadwork four miles ahead. Whoa, deja vu. So I look at my odometer and watch. I go six miles and there’s another sign, roadwork two miles ahead. So I watch again and this time it really is four miles. Ah, they just misplaced a sign… maybe.

I pass another sign that says restrooms closed. I never did figure out what restrooms they were talking about because I was in the middle of nowhere and didn’t see an exit for several miles. The next exit had a Braum’s, a McDonald’s and a couple of gas stations. Surely they didn’t close all of their rest rooms. I didn’t stop to find out.

Oh, they have a store in Dallas called, “Condoms To Go,” I guess that’s all they sell and you have to take them with you. Don’t try to use them there.