August 28, 2009

All Over The Bed

I couldn’t come up with a good title for this one.

Every once in a while I’ll watch a video and it will inspire me to write something. This video reminds me of my daughter.

It’s a really cool video; someone did a lot of work so even if you don’t enjoy the music you can at least appreciate the time and energy that went into the making of it.

I feel sorry for the guy that marries my daughter. He will have to be a tough guy or they will need separate beds.

When she was little and had a bad dream or it was storming outside she would come crawl in my bed. She wasn’t there long because she would turn sideways and kick and throw her arms around.


She would wake up oblivious to what was going on. “What?”

“You are beating me to death, go back to your own bed.”

Eventually she stopped trying because I would tell her “no” before she got one toe under the covers. Who can sleep with an octopus in their bed?

I saw a show on television about a man that fought all night every night and his wife couldn’t sleep with him. I didn’t get to see the end so I don’t recall what the doctors did for the guy if anything but it was really odd to watch this eighty something year old guy throwing punches all night. He gave his wife a black eye one time. He was always tired and never felt rested.