September 25, 2009

Handle Bar Mustaches, Seventeen Foot Hair and Checkbook Registers

My brother in law has decided it would be a good idea to wax his mustache into Snidely Whiplash curls even though my sister-in-law strongly disagrees. Why do some men take leave of their senses when they get older?

I’m finding it kind of hard to talk to him and keep my mind on the conversation because I’m expecting any minute for Dudley Do Right to sail in saving me from this dastardly villain.

Hopefully, some of you are old enough to know what in the heck I’m talking about but just in case here’s a video, cause you know I have one.

Have y’all heard about the man with the seventeen-foot hair? If not here’s the video about him. How would you like to be one of the family members who gets to help hold that rope?

I wonder if smoking that bong is the secret to his success or possibly the fact he only washes it once a year. I dunno.

Now days people hardly use checks what with online banking and debit cards but surely people have to keep up with how much they still have left in their accounts. What I’m wondering is how do they do this?

Just like everyone else I don’t find myself writing checks as often as I did once upon a time but try to write down when I draw out money or use my card. Trouble is my registers fill up and then I run out of space.

The other day I went to Office Depot to see if they had any ledgers to help me out with this because I’m coming to the end of the ones the check company sent me. They only have big humongous ones like an employer or business would use. What are we regular folks supposed to do?

So I’m wondering, how do y’all keep up with expenses and such? Do you keep a spreadsheet on your computer? Carry around a little notebook or piece of folded up paper in your wallet? Or do you do like some young people and wait until you get a little letter from the bank letting you know you have gone over your limit and as a courtesy they went ahead and paid it and charged your account twenty five dollars accordingly. Thank you for doing business with us.

I also wonder why we say “hard cold cash” like that’s something great when actually if it’s hard money it’s not worth very much.