August 13, 2009

Meowing Stomaches, Football Players I Didn't Date and Creepy Crawlies

I’m posting this a day ahead because tomorrow I will be busy all day painting a rent house. I also have a renter moving out due to job loss and another one that seems to be having trouble paying so I’m not sure if I will be blogging for a while. We’ll just have to see how things go.

Here’s a weird bit of info ya’ll might find funny. My stomach does not growl it meows. I have had people ask me, “Did you hear a cat?”

Then I laugh and say it was my stomach and they go, “Nuh-uh.”

My stomach makes a perfect imitation of a cat. I know it’s weird.

I got a message from some guy on Facebook who says he remembers me from high school and mentions a couple of football players I “hung out with”.

First of all, I never hung out with football players. I went out once each with a couple in my sophomore year and that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay that didn’t sound good. What I should have said is that we had nothing in common. There that sounds much less suggestive. Anyway, I know my memory ain’t what it used to be but I’m pretty sure I don’t know this guy. When I was in school Pam was a very common name. We had about a dozen of them. Of course I was the cutest one but I might be just a little biased.

A few of you may know that I hang out on Topix a fair bit. Okay, I’m on there “a lot”. Because of rude people and the fact that many of my MySpace friends have defected to Facebook I have considered leaving Topix and spending time on Facebook instead. It’s not as fun and I don’t think they allow some of the banter that goes on here but Topix has been giving me headaches lately. Maybe it’s the failing economy or they were raised by wolves, I don’t know, but there are some really tacky individuals on there.

Ya’ll might remember a blog I wrote a while back concerning the decreased fly population and my concern for such? Well I think I have figured out part of the reason… I have spiders. Eek! Yes. I have been cleaning spider webs and their meal carcasses from windows and behind furniture. It’s quite creepy and I don’t know how to get rid of them. What eats spiders? I know what they eat because their dinner remains are tangled in their sticky homes but what dines on them?

I have those little liquid dome-critter rid devices but they don’t seem to be ridding me of all my creepy crawlies. Maybe I need to buy some more of them. I’m not sure which is worse⎯ flies or spiders.