February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Well it's that time of year again, when we show our appreciation to that special someone in our lives.

What is love exactly? Is it a dependency on another soul for self worth and personal importance? Is it the recognition that we somehow matter to another person?

As human beings we need love. We need to be loved and to love someone else. It could be as simple as the love you have for your cat or the love you share with an aging neighbor or it could be as deep and serious as the love for your childhood sweetheart you've carried with you for decades and when you see that person everyday you can't imagine life without them.

Love is a complex emotion. It isn't the same for every person. We love each loved one differently. There's a different love for our children and maybe even a different love for each individual child. There's a different love for our spouse or significant other. And still there's yet another kind of love for our friends and extended family.

The English language has one word for love yet many other languages have several separate words to define the various kinds of love we feel.

I hope today you feel loved and give some of that love back to others. :0)