August 10, 2009

The Three Little Pigs, Vitamin Water and Incompetent Publishers

The other day I was driving down the road and had to swerve to keep from hitting piles of hay. Not very much further there were piles of sticks. So I looked over at Jennifer and said, “If we see piles of bricks we need to start looking for three little pigs.”

She looked at me with a blank look for a few seconds and then laughed.

I have decided that I’ve reached the age where I need to take vitamins only I don’t like swallowing great big horse pills. This must be an issue for many people because I noticed they now put an exact size picture on the front of the box so you will know just how big those buggers are. We take two Tylenol and two aspirin, why don’t they make vitamins half as big and have us take two of them? It makes perfect sense to me.

While staring at the wall of bottles I found a box of packets you pour in water and drink. Having read that vitamins don’t dissolve well in our stomachs and much of it gets flushed anyway I thought this might be a good idea. This is also another reason for making the pills smaller but they didn’t ask me. The little pictured instructions (I guess nobody wants to bother reading words these days.) shows to pour the packet into a bottle of water but I’m too cheap to buy water when I pay the city a bill every month for the same thing. So I just got a glass of water out of the ol’ tap and poured my Kool-Aid in and stirred. I’m not sure why they feel the need to add dye maybe it’s to enhance the experience. Next time I might just mix it with a glass of red wine. It’s good for me too, right?

The one I bought is put out by One A Day, those folks that have been making vitamins as far back as I can remember and it doesn’t taste too bad. It’s sweeter than I like but not unbearable. I figured it would have a vitaminy taste (Is that even a word?) but I didn’t notice. They only had one flavor at Wally World, berry, but there may be others at a store near you.

This past weekend I cleaned my sewing/writing room because my daughter decided she wants a new quilt in lavender and purple with butterflies. As I’m going through the stacks of manuscripts and other writing paraphernalia it occurred to me why I haven’t sent out any submissions lately.

I can take rejection, it’s part of the whole “I wanna be a writer” thing, but what drives me crazy is that half of the denial letters I have gotten aren’t even for my work. I realize they are busy but can they not have the decency to send out a letter with the right titles?

A couple of my published author friends told me not to take it personally and that usually means they aren’t buying anything new and aren’t really reading the stuff they are rejecting.

So anyway I shredded a bunch of stuff (I have it on USB) and recycled a bunch more and am now depressed all over again. Probably why I left the mess stacked and didn’t go through it before now. Sigh.

I think I’ll have a glass of vitamin wine.

I'm mad at Dailymotion because they have made all of their videos start up with out prompting. I don't like that. You should have the option of listening or not.

There is controversy online as to whether Bob Marley sings on this song. He toured with UB40 and sang this song with them. Whether his voice is on this recording or not, I'm not sure.