December 4, 2009

Please Don't Bring Me Livestock For Christmas

Some of you may be aware that there are people that consistently check the price of the Twelve Days of Christmas items every year. Personally I’d wonder about my true love if he brought me all of those things but it does make for a fun song that has lasted for decades.

Just in case anyone has thought of purchasing these items here’s the tally, $21,465.56. You’d have to really love a girl to shell out that kind of money.

Here’s the full story if you’d like to read it.

Can you imagine a guy showing up at your door everyday with livestock? Hopefully his true love has a farm with lots of barn space.

Some have thought the song had hidden meaning and you can believe what you want, but here’s Snope’s take on that story:

This song has been redone and resung to all sorts of fun twists of the lyrics. Here’s the redneck version.

If you didn’t care for that version here is a list of others you might enjoy. Most are rated “E” but he warns you if there is naughty content.