March 25, 2011

Spring Break and Fire Storm

We’ve had a slew of Californians move our way and they brought their fires and earthquakes along so they’d feel right at home. I think next time they should pack lighter.

Getting my tax papers together for the accountant has given me an appreciation for those people because I wouldn’t want their job. I don’t like math and I’m not sure but think that is probably a prerequisite to being a bookkeeper.

The second week in March was spring break here in Oklahoma and Texas; we went down to Dallas/Fort Worth area, did some shopping and saw some sights. The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens are beautiful and I highly recommend them.

Also went to the Medieval Times restaurant at least I think it qualifies as an eating establishment. Anyway my daughter enjoyed it; I thought it was okay. I’m not fond of eating in a big loud barn but maybe I’m too picky.

It has been windy as heck, I think someone out west left a large fan running and needs to turn it off. You folks on the west coast check on that for me. I don’t mind it once in a while and it is the basis of our state song and all, but really. My hair is blowing all over my head I look scared, surprised or like I just got out of bed; it’s a mess.

We’ve had more fires, luckily not too close to my house but we could really use some rain.

I’ve rethought the raised bed vegetable garden and have decided to grow food in pots and hang some from my trees. No really, I’m serious. I’ll do a blog on some of it when I get it done. Hopefully it will turn out as wonderful as it is in my head.

My little dog has been sick with old man ailments. I didn’t know they got enlarged prostates like humans but he’s on medicine and hopefully will be up looking for cookies again in no time.

Peter Bjorn and John- Nothing to Worry About: