May 15, 2009

I Have You Fooled

I have a confession to make, I’m not really that smart.

It’s easy to run a google search and find out names of famous people or events and impress my friends when online but meet me in person and I do well to remember my own name. Just kidding, I know who I am and if I forget there’s all those cards in my purse with reminders. One even has my picture on it.

Most of those videos I show on here are found while searching on YouTube. They have a great search engine, by the way. Target, Lowes and Home Depot could learn from their computer guys.

I learn a lot of things online from many different people. Trouble is my little brain can only hold so much information so something else gets purged, like passwords, pen numbers and that new guy’s name that’s taking Leno’s place.

My spelling isn’t so good anymore either. When I was a kid, I could spell just about anything. I even tried a few spelling bees and went quite a ways before they sprung really hard words that I am pretty sure were Tonkinese.

I have a wonderful program on my computer that checks the spelling of everything, even my comments online so it makes me look smarter than I am. My grammar isn’t always so great but hardly anyone speaks with proper English these days anyway so most people don’t notice. For that matter, no one spells words out anymore either.

My daughter sent me an email from the other room because sixteen feet is just too far to walk for a lazy teenager. It read, “diane and deze r goin to skating ring friday. Have b there 7 to 10. that ok with u?”

This child is going into the tenth grade this fall. ~shudder~