May 24, 2011

Testicle Festival

Parade magazine did an article on festivals across the nation called, “Eat Your way Across America.” The story showcases what each state is known for, you know like walnuts or spinach. So I was browsing through and wondering what my great state might have the most of and was thinking back to the crops we grow here.

My guess was either watermelons or peaches; we grow a lot of them here so that seemed like a good assumption but no, I was wrong. I know we are in cattle country and I’ve joked about the fact you can’t throw a stick without hitting a cow but I was quite surprised to see that our great state is known for our calf fries otherwise known as cow testicles. That’s right you can go to Vinita, Oklahoma August 27 and eat all the bull balls you can handle.

I’ve lived here most of my life and can tell you I’ve never tried mountain oysters. We have a few restaurants that sell them and I’ve seen them on the menu but just haven't been brave enough to give it a try.

I tried to pull up an online link for Parade magazine’s story but I guess they want you to read the hard copy. Since that isn’t possible I’ll give you a few highlights of states in which I have readers, family or friends. If I’ve missed your great state drop me a comment and I’ll add yours in.

Burgaw, North Carolina has a blueberry festival June 18

Corinth, Mississippi has a slugburger festival July 7-9. It’s not made from slugs but a combination of soy and beef.

Hope, Arkansas has a watermelon festival August 11-13.

Bardstown, Kentucky has a bourbon festival September 13-18. That sounds like a fun time.

Niceville, Florida has a boggy bayou festival October 21-23 where folks eat mullet (that’s a type of fish).

Lebanon, Oregon has a strawberry festival June 2-5.

Gilroy, California has a garlic festival July 29-31.

Scottsdale, Arizona has a taco festival October 15. That sounds yummy.

Terlingua, Texas has a chili festival November 5. I’m not surprised, that one also sounds delicious.

Akron, Ohio has a hamburger festival August 20-21.

Buffalo, New York has a buffalo wing festival September 3-4.

Kapaa, Hawaii has a coconut festival October 1-2.

To find out the festivals in your great state or any other just put in a search for the state and activities or tourism website and it will give you a list of fun things going on each week. It’s great inexpensive entertainment you don’t have to go very far to enjoy.

I couldn't find a vinita video but here's one for Oakdale, California's Testicle Festival.