December 18, 2009

Up On The Roof Tops

Okay, that title doesn’t really have much to do with this blog today but I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of gift ideas so there isn’t much left for writing.

I do however have a couple gift ideas to help you out if you are like me and still shopping in between baking cookies for that last minute party and making wings for little Suzie’s Christmas program.

I found a book that is really funny and even people with little time to read will enjoy it. The author took old advertisements from back when we weren’t quite as careful with our children’s safety and poked fun at them. In many cases the ads themselves are funny enough but he includes his bit of humor that makes it even more side splitting. I love the cage they put kids in outside of a window. It’s hard to believe they approved some of these things.

I noticed when I went to Amazon that he also has a book on food. I haven’t seen this one but I can see how it might be just as entertaining.

He has a website if you want to see a sample of his work.

Another gift idea I found was a travel pillow. I have one in my car and any time someone has rode with me they go on and on about that pillow so I decided to buy one for a dirty Santa gift. It’s polyester, really soft and has it’s own pillowcase to store it in. I hang it on the back of one of the seats to keep it clean. The “U” shape goes behind your head and keeps you from getting a crick in your neck. I got mine at Target.

Here’s a silly website for you to play with when you have a few minutes to spare. Type a Christmas song in the bar and hit the “sing it” button and watch the little characters sing your song. Over holiday break it will entertain your kids for a few minutes. I love it when they don’t know the song, “We don’t know that song, we’re just little kids.” lol