May 11, 2012

I'm Worried About The Next Generation

 The news is enough to scare the daylights out of me.

We’ve got a couple down in Texas tying their four children to the hood of their car and driving down the road. I guess they didn’t have enough room for the kids to ride inside or maybe they were misbehaving.

Some of us have joked, telling our kids if they didn’t be quiet we were going to tie them on top or make them walk. This couple looked high so maybe their doped up brains didn’t realize you don’t really do crap like that.

Then we’ve got a woman in another state, I didn’t catch the location but it doesn’t really matter people are nuts all over, who was wrestling with a police officer while pregnant with her sixteenth child.

Sixteenth? Why in God’s name would you have that many kids?

Anyway, they tased her, not sure if they didn’t realize she was pregnant or not, but now she’s complaining about them endangering her unborn child. I guess she thinks wrestling with cops isn’t harmful to babies. What I want to know is who was taking care of the fifteen kids still at home?

Then there’s a story about the growing obesity problem in America (could be why the police didn’t know that woman was pregnant) and how it’s costing our country billions of dollars.

It’s not safe to send our kids to school because of the teachers trying to have sex with them (I’m talking about female teachers).

We had a case recently of a woman teacher who was taking indecent pictures of little girls at an elementary school and sending them to some pervert in another state.

What does she possibly get from a sick relationship like that? He’s obviously not interested in her and after seeing her picture I can see why but what does she get out of this; his attention, even though he’s only using her for child pornography?

Women used to have more sense. If they couldn’t get a man they took up knitting or quilting, they didn’t find the first pervert that gave her half a minute’s worth of attention and ruin her life. Now that teacher has lost her job, her credentials and she’s going to spend a lot of years in jail.

We’ve got babies wandering the streets unattended in nothing but a diaper and parents with the morals of an alley cat.

Maybe we need to bring Home Economics back to the schools. Someone needs to teach kids how to take proper care of babies, their parents aren't doing it.

You don’t strap children to hoods of automobiles, babies can’t take care of themselves and you don’t let your ten year old drive you home when you are drunk.

Here’s a website full of bad parent pictures. It seems to be “in style” to be lazy, lousy parents and proud of it.

 Oh, America isn't the only screwed up country. In India they have baby tossing day where a holy man throws infants from a roof to people waiting down below. If these kids grow up afraid of heights we'll know why. 


Mykuljay said...

You know Pamela, nothing upsets me more than child abuse and what you have written about is nothing less than that. It makes me ill to the extent when I scan a headline of that sort - I won't/can't even read it.

I read recently (by accident) of the woman who left her kids in the locked car while she popped in for a quick ten minute tanning session.

Somewhere along the line, too many have gone quietly insane and I quite frankly have no idea how it will stop.

Pamela N Red said...

The media makes it worse because people see other parents doing bad things and think, well if they are doing it so can I. They even post pictures of themselves online as if they are proud of their behavior.

Between the obesity, neglect and abuse if many of these kids reach adulthood they will be lucky.

Anonymous said...

Your Asian?

Pamela N Red said...

No, I'm not Asian.

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Just came across this post, and you are so so right. The next generation is truly going to encounter major sex/health/educational/employment and many such like problems if they don't fix up from now.

It beggars belief how some people have children and then treat them like something from under the shoes, it is mind boggling how if you can't look after 1 2 or 3 children that you go on to have 16! No brains. The children will only learn what their mother taught them unless someone from the outside steps in to assist.

The Next Generation are in need of dire help NOW. Great post and right down my street. :)

Pamela N Red said...

I've seen many stories like this lately, Rum Punch. It's pretty scary.

seymour said...

I am using commenting to contact you because you are no longer on Facebook. Delete this after reading, if you wish, because it's off topic (though I agree with your topic!)

You love Zeppelin; I don't. We agree that Stairway to Heaven is a modern masterpiece. I invite you to discover this flamenco cover of Stairway.

A live version of the same tune:

Pamela N Red said...

I haven't been on any social media sites lately. I've been busy here at home with other things but I still visit Facebook once or twice a week, not as often as I used to.

I enjoyed that video although I had to search for another version because the ones you sent are banned in the US, not sure why.