June 20, 2007


I have discovered a new website called viewdo.com.

It is similiar to YouTube in that it shows short videos. The difference is that viewdo.com shows how-to videos.

You can learn how to tie a windsor knot, fold a napkin, wrap a gift, play a piece on the piano, check your tire pressure or juggle three balls.

Now we can learn how to do all those things we've only dreamed of.

I wonder if there's a video on how to pop gum. When I was a teenager I always wished I could do that. My mother and one of my sisters could do it, but alas I never learned how.

What about whistling with two fingers in your mouth? Not very lady like but I was always impressed by people who had this ability. A real attention grabber.

I'm getting a new video camera for my birthday. I might just have to make a how-to video of my own. I have a few talents up my sleeve I could share. :o)


choppersmom said...

Hey Pam! That site sounds cool, I'm definitely going to check it out.

I am a champion gum-popper, and I will share my secrets with you. There's two ways:

1) The Bubble Method
Blow a bubble, then pooch up your lips against it and suck. You can get three or four sucks out of a good firm bubble.

2) The Bubble-Free Method
Squish your gum wad sort of flat. With your teeth together and the tip of your tongue touching the tops of your bottom front teeth, press the gum wad against your upper front teeth and the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Now pull your front teeth down, with your tongue still touching it, spreading the gum into a thin window-like structure between your upper and lower front teeth. (Like the beginning of a bubble, sort of.) Now suck the window in sharply against your tongue.

The only way to pop gum that I have never mastered is the one where you can just be chewing, without blowing bubbles or anything, and pop-pop-pop the gum is cracking away. But I like my ways too. You've inspired me to make a video, "How To Make Someone From Forty Feet Across Your Office Scream, 'Hey, Stop Popping That Damn Gum!'," which I will send you so you can soon rival me in gum-popping goodness.

Pamela Kay Morgan said...

Thanks for the instructions Brenda. Now where's some gum. lol