February 9, 2007

No Such Thing As A Simple Fix

In remodeling our kitchen dining room we've decided to put in a pocket door leading out to our utility closet. It's a little room (I use this word very loosely) between the dining room and garage. We had two small doors that closed together and they needed to be replaced. They opened into the utility room taking away even more room. My husband decided a pocket door would be a better solution. I agreed but was afraid it would be complicated to do. I was right.

Our first clue should have been when the carpenters who looked at our kitchen remodel said they didn't do pocket doors.

Mr. Red said, "It can't be that hard, I think I can do it."

Well we now know why the carpenters didn't want to do it. The light switch had to be rerouted to the other side of the door. A power outlet had to be moved over and four studs had to be removed. He's passed the hard part now, but we see why the carpenters didn't want the job. It wasn't easy.

It's difficult to find anyone willing to do remodeling jobs. It's easier to do new construction so they would rather do that given the choice.

Being a homeowner isn't for whimps. :0)

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