March 13, 2007

Paint Swatches

It's amazing how a one inch sample of paint will look completely different on a 8X12 wall. It looks light apricot on the postage stamp but on the wall it appears to be yellow.

The kind of lighting you have makes a difference as well. We have flourescent bulbs which tend to give a yellow glow to everything.

We picked a light cream and taupe paint for the kitchen and dining rooms. I'm doing a glaze technique with the taupe over the cream color. How much glaze you add to the paint can change the paint's appearance too.

I added more paint and less glaze and this helped take away the yellow look. Nothing against yellow, it's just my living room is gold and we wanted something different. When we sell our house we didn't want people to come in here and say, "Boy, these people sure do like yellow."

My writing has taken a backseat to home improvements the past few weeks. Hopefully we are on the downhill slide to finishing this project up so I can get back to writing.

It's funny where you find books. The man who did our sheetrock work has moved his mom to an assisted living facility--she was a writer and a quilter. She also loved books and had many books on both subjects. He said he was cleaning out her books if I wanted any. I'm sure for a price, but still. I need more books like another hole in my head but that hasn't stopped me before.

Gotta go finish painting my walls. Happy writing. :0)

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