March 2, 2007


I have mixed feelings about these little critters.

On one hand they are tree planters. Their playful nature is cute to watch.

On the other hand they are distructive and can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home.

They were eating all the better food from my bird feeder and leaving the birds with the leftovers, so I bought a squirrel proof feeder. It works great, much to the dismay of my furry friends.

This morning a squirrel tried and tried to get to the food. I heard a clanking sound and looked out the window. He was doing acrobatics, stretching and reaching with all his might but could not get to the food. It was funny but I almost felt sorry for the little guy.

Basil got up from his nap and walked lazily out the doggy door to take his morning tinkle. Basil doesn't like squirrels and doesn't share my humor for them. He's getting on in doggie years and isn't as quick as he used to be.

It took him about three minutes to even realize his property had been intruded upon. Finally, he looked over under the elm tree and saw the invader. Basil ran towards the squirrel and usually this is all it takes for the squirrel to be frightened out of his wits and scurry up the nearest tree. Not this squirrel. He went behind the tree and bounced back and forth teasing Basil.

I couldn't decide if he was playing or rabid. Basil has had all his shots but I still didn't want him to be maulled by a crazed squirrel.

I watched as the squirrel even pawed the air a foot away from Basil's face. Basil backed off, noticably as confused as I was at this squirrel's behaviour.

The squirrel took off for an oak tree, running up the trunk. When the squirrel saw Basil chasing him he ran down the tree at him again. Basil turned and ran a few feet away from the tree, sat down and looked at the squirrel truely dismayed. The squirrel sat at the top of the trunk twitching his tail back and forth triumphantly watching Basil.

Basil decided it wasn't worth the effort and went back inside.

Poor baby. Maybe the next squirrel will act like a proper scared rodent. :0)

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