March 15, 2007

Treadmill Update

The good news is, after two and a half months, I finally got my treadmill fixed. The bad news is, I've been too busy to use it.

I got a new box of parts last thursday, from the UPS man. I called the extended warranty people to ask what I should do now. They said they would email the repair people and I should get a call soon.

Friday, I got a call from a woman in Memphis, Tennessee. She said her husband had an opening Sunday morning. I asked her if we could make it for another time because I generally go to church on Sunday mornings. "Oh no, he canceled other appointments to drive to Oklahoma to fix your treadmill. The main office called and said 'you get over there and fix that treadmill as fast as you can.'"

"Oh," I said, "Well since you're going to all that trouble just to fix my treadmill, I guess I can skip church this Sunday."

Sunday morning a big ol' country boy came to my door four minutes before he was supposed to be there and promptly fixed my Nordictrac, Johnny on the spot.

Now that's what I call service. :0)

1 comment:

Lilfix said... got a good ol' country boy to work on Sundays...grin...glad you got your treadmill fixed. Hope you find time soon to give it a workout...Brenda