April 24, 2007

Naming Your Computer

I know people name their pets, for obvious reasons and some people even name their car. I wasn't aware until recently, however, that some people are giving their computers names.

Hmm, I might have to come up with one for mine. First I need to decide if it's a male or female. It doesn't really seem like either one to me, in fact, I hadn't really thought of it as being alive.

Does something have to be alive to have a name? Maybe having some semblance of life, such as, movement or memory is enough to warrant naming.

I've known some humans who barely moved and others who had poor memories and yet they still had a name.

I guess if my computer had a name the next time it acted up I would have a name to refer to it by. Of course my family and friends would think I had, in fact, gone off the deep end if I were yelling at my laptop and calling it a name, a real name and not just swear words.

Let's see if I want to keep it non-gender specific, then maybe, Cork, Tip, Thinker or Pen.

Sheesh, I had enough trouble naming my kids and dog. This is too much like work. I better think about it. I don't want to start calling my computer a name and then decide I don't like it. What if it gets used to the name and then I want to change it? I wouldn't want to confuse my laptop.

What about Telly? I like Telly monster on Sesame Street. My computer tells me information and vise-a-versa.

I think I like that. Telly it is. :o)

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Lilfix said...

I think Telly is a good name for a computer...

My computer's name is Topper...(it's a laptop)...I haven't decided if it's a boy or girl...that's why I came up with a name that could go either way...grin...